#028 – The One With The Bar Fight

All adventurers – whether they be good, evil, lawful, chaotic – eventually throw down for a good ol’ bar fight

#027 – Beer and Banter

Uncomfortable conversations abound as the party confronts Bellicec about his shady past. A past he shares with one of the Barely Fortunate.

#026 – The Road to Ankh Tor

We make our winding way back home and meet some none too sweet characters along the way.

#025 – Train Heist: Finale

The barely fortunate party have a very civil and reasonable discussion with a mortal enemy. Everything is sunshine and roses.

#024 – Train Heist Part 2

Things get weird, cute and violent. Then it’s time for tea (the tea is poisoned).

#023 – Train Heist Part 1

It’s time for a good ol’ fashioned train heist. The Barely fortunate party tangle with some ne’er do wells and pocket everything not bolted down

#022 – A New Quest

Loose ends are tied up and new adventures are on the horizon for the Barely Fortunate Party.

#021 – Storm in a Teacup

The Barely Fortunate Trio gets a chance to tell their tale. But slights and offences festering for days come to a head!

Summer Solstice: Lontray’s Tale

We take a moment to sit down with friends and family, eat food, drink wine and tell stories of our past.

#020 – Showboating

The Barely Fortunate Trio have faced down the Tyrant General, but can they face each other in a cramped ship for several hours on end?