The Barely Fortunate Clip Show 1

As we grow I Speak Giant it is important that we look back and reflect on where it all started. Join producer/editor Austin Adamson on a journey with some of his favorite early moments from the Barely Fortunate Party.

#034 – A Deadline

The Barely Fortunate Party have a not quite chance encounter out in the bayou that puts a countdown on their whole operation.

The Medusa’s Gambit Part 3

The Barely Fortunate party, together with their new frenemy, take on the terror of the Medusa’s Gambit!

The Medusa’s Gambit Part 2

We continue our swashbuckling adventure with special guest Luke Lancaster, as the party investigate the mysteries of the giant sized ship known as the Medusa’s Gambit!

The Medusa’s Gambit Part 1

The Barely Fortunate Party is joined by special guest and PAXAus Content Manager Luke Lancaster for a slightly non-canon, swashbuckling adventure.

#032 – Trial At Sea

The last remnants of the Rebellion strike out for new land and new hope in what was once the Lontray’s lands, The Lafayette Floodlands

#031 – Aftermath

Following the defeat of the Rebellion, the Barely Fortunate Party must scrape up the remnants of their forces and take back what was once theirs.

#030 – Home Turf

An attack on the homebase has the barely fortunate party defending their home turf. Ooh, someone’s gon’ get it now.

#029 – Date Night

It’s a date (it’s not a date!) as the barely fortunate party show Desdemona’s new friend around the city of Ankh Tor. Also some general muckery!