#041 – Overthrow

The rebellion have stepped up for the Barely Fortunate Party. How will they stand in their confrontation with The Magister in the fate of Zaña.

The Barely Fortunate Clip Show 1

As we grow I Speak Giant it is important that we look back and reflect on where it all started. Join producer/editor Austin Adamson on a journey with some of his favorite early moments from the Barely Fortunate Party.

#034 – A Deadline

The Barely Fortunate Party have a not quite chance encounter out in the bayou that puts a countdown on their whole operation.

The Medusa’s Gambit Part 3

The Barely Fortunate party, together with their new frenemy, take on the terror of the Medusa’s Gambit!

The Medusa’s Gambit Part 2

We continue our swashbuckling adventure with special guest Luke Lancaster, as the party investigate the mysteries of the giant sized ship known as the Medusa’s Gambit!

The Medusa’s Gambit Part 1

The Barely Fortunate Party is joined by special guest and PAXAus Content Manager Luke Lancaster for a slightly non-canon, swashbuckling adventure.