#041 – Overthrow

The rebellion have stepped up for the Barely Fortunate Party. How will they stand in their confrontation with The Magister...

#040 – Who Let The Players DM: The Prison Break

Joel helms this episode as Dave, Gruffboy and Grillboy take centre stage for a harrowing prison break.

#039 – Who Let The Players DM: The Chase

Fel takes the wheel to take Thuzie, Eleanor and Sunni on a madcap chase through the streets of ZaƱa. But...

#038 – Who Let The Players DM: The Heist

Leto takes the DM reins as Colonel Russle, Rushlo and Bellicec take on The Gambler in his home turf.

Midori: The Early Years Part III

Our favourite nerds come face to face with their greatest rivals. And also bureaucracy.