I Speak Giant presents Call of Cthulhu

We join our investigators as they delve into a macabre and menacing slice of 1920s New England, where otherworldly horror abounds.

The barely fortunate party take their first steps into a darker, stranger world. The team will be playing through Servants of the Lake, one of the scenarios from Call of Cthulhu: Doors to Darkness.

Bear witness to the terrifying events that transpired at Squatter’s Lake each week on the I Speak Giant podcast feed in a four-part miniseries starting on September 1st.

Not all is grim and hopeless, dead reader. Thanks to our friends at Chaosium Inc, you can win one of two copies of Doors to Darkness or Call of Cthulhu Starter sets. Delve deeper into the details here.


Episode I: Some Reservations (Listen Here)
Episode II: Check In (Listen Here)
Episode III: A Late Check-Out (Listen Here)
Epiosde IV: The Servants of the Lake (Listen Here)

Meet our intrepid investigators below, while you have the chance…


An Important Note

While the I Speak Giant team is incredibly excited to be exploring the cosmic horrors of the Mythos with Chaosium Inc, we would first like to address a serious matter.

H. P. Lovecraft was, even by the standards of his time, hugely problematic. It goes without saying we do not condone his views on race or religion. 

While he might have been one of the first writers in the genre, countless others have made their mark on the Mythos. There are themes that still bear exploring, and there are stories that are still worth telling, and we are proud to be part of a millieu that is working in spite of those antiquated origins.

There are many re-examinations and re-interpretations of his work, especially by creators of colour, and we encourage anyone with an interest in these themes or the wider mythos to explore those titles.


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